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To sign up, show up to any of our tour events and the tour director will walk you through the process at the registration table.

Our events are open to ALL women. There is no handicap, Fargo limit or requirement to play.

Beginning in 2024, there will no longer be a $30 membership fee. A $5 administrative fee will be charged per event in addition to the entry fee. This fee helps cover costs associated with running the tour, such as live streaming, website, equipment, etc.

Occasionally, JPNEWT will have qualifying events where players will have a chance to win an invite into a WPBA event. Players interested in playing for the invite will need to pay an additional $25 fee at the time of registration. This fee goes to the winner of the qualifying spot to help towards travel expenses.

Starting this year, we are implementing a tiered entry fee system based on Fargo rating. See below for breakdown:

     > 600 = $75.00


     > 500 = $55.00

     > 400 = $45.00

     < 400 = $35.00


Find your Fargo rating here


Double Elimination:


Races to 7 on both sides

Alternate break, rack your own with template rack

Call 9-ball, 9-ball does not count on the break

Finals is a modified race to 7/9​


  • If the person from the "B" side reaches 7 first, both players go to 9

*Unless otherwise stated on event posting

Round Robin:

Saturday - Round robin format

9-ball, races to 5

Alternate break, rack your own with template rack

Call 9-ball, 9-ball does not count on the break

*Final 8 from Saturday advance to Sunday

Sunday - Single elimination format

9-ball, races to 8

Alternate break, rack your own with template rack

Call 9-ball, 9-ball does not count on the break


Doors open at 10:00 am and sign-ups begin.

Registration closes at 11:00 am and players' meeting begins shortly after.

Matches will start promptly after players' meeting.

*Unless otherwise stated on event posting

PLEASE NOTE!  Starting this year, matches are allotted a MAX time of 90 minutes each. Forty-five minutes into the match, if the sum of games completed is not at 50% (i.e. race to 7 will need at least 7 games played 60 minutes into match), a shot clock may be enforced at the tournament director's discretion.


As a member of the WPBA regional tour system, the JPNEWT will utilize the WPBA rules handbook for any questions regarding rules during our events.

wpba jpnewt rtc.jpg


Points are given to each player for attending (whether they win or lose matches) each event, and additional points are awarded based on their finish in each event.

Points breakdown:

1st = 200                9th-12th = 50

2nd = 160               13th-16th = 40

3rd = 125                17th-24th = 30

4th = 100                25th-32nd = 25

5/6th = 80              33rd-48th = 20

7/8th = 65              49th-64th = 15

Dress code will be enforced as follows:

No worn or tattered clothing.

No shorts or t-shirts (capri pants are allowed). Shirts should not have writings, word, or phrases, except for pool or sponsor related names/logos.

Jeans and tennis shoes are allowed on Saturday only, as long as they are like new (crisp and clean, no tears or rips). Business casual apparel with dark colored shoes are preferred on Sunday.

Thong sandals or flip flops are not permitted.

No low cut tops, tank tops, or crop tops - appropriate support/coverage should be worn.

Legging pants are OK as long as they are black in color.

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