How to Join the JPNEWT TOUR or sign up for an event

Playing in the J. Pechauer Northeast Women's Tour is as easy as showing up at an event and signing up!  All female pool players are welcome.  There is no minimum or maximum Fargo rating or handicap requirement or limit to play (please see the Code of Conduct, Dress Code, and Tournament Rules).

If the event is a WPBA Qualifier.  Anyone is still welcome to play.  If you want to try for the qualifier spot, you pay an additional $20.




   Tournament entry fee = $55


    * WPBA qualifier spots are an additional $20, if you wish to vie for the spot

        (the extra money from each player vying for the spot, will go to the

         player who wins the qualifier, for their travel expenses.)


If you play in more than one event, you must also pay the annual Membership Tour fee.  This fee is good for 12 months of Tour membership from date of payment.  This money is used for miscellaneous tour expenses. If you are playing in just one event, you are exempt from this fee:


     YEARLY JPNEWT Tour Membership fee = $30




Briana Miller

JPNEWT Tournament Director