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JPNEWT at the



February 23-26, 2017

Hard Times Billiards

Sacramento CA


     55 player field


   4th   Tina Malm

   7th   Meredith Lynch

   9th   Nicole Fleming

   24th  Nicole King

   33rd  Judie Wilson

2016 STOP #1

March 19-20

Triple Nines Bar & Billiards

Elkridge MD


   29 player field


   1st  $750  Linda Shea

   2nd  $410  Kim Whitman

   3rd  $210  Erica Testa

   4th  $140  Nicole Nester

   5th  $105  Nicole Monaco

        $105  Delia Mocanu

   7th  $ 75  Kia Sidbury

        $ 75  Heather Platter

   9th  $ 50  Anita Sowers

        $ 50  Britanya Rapp

        $ 50  Colleen Shoop

        $ 50  Terri Stovall


l-r: Linda Shea, Nicole Nester, Kim Whitman, Erica Testa

l-r: Kim Whitman; Linda Shea; Coins of the Realm owner, Pete Boyer; Erica Testa

Shea comes back from semifinals to defeat Whitman in JPNEWT Season Opener

   Skip Maloney, AZBilliards, March 25, 2016


Linda Shea continues to be a force to reckon with on her own J.Pechauer Northeast Women's Tour, which opened its 2016 season on the weekend of March 19-20. She advanced to the hot seat match in the $1,000-added ($500 from Coins of the Realm) event which drew 29 entrants to Triple Nines Bar & Billiards in Elkridge, MD, and was sent to the semi-finals by Kim Whitman. She returned from those semi-finals to defeat Whitman in an extended race-to-9 final, chalking up her first 2016 tour win.


Following victories over Teri Thomas, Nicole King, and Colleen Shoop, Shea advanced to a winners' side semi-final versus Nicole Nester. Whitman, in the meantime, who'd survived a double hill opening round battle against Delia Mocanu, went on to defeat Sharon O'Hanlon, and Kia Sidbury to end up in the other winners' side semi-final against Nicole Monaco. Shea and Whitman got into the hot seat match with identical 7-4 victories over Nicoles Nester and Monaco. Whitman claimed the hot seat 7-3 over Shea and waited on her return.


On the loss side, Monaco had the misfortune of running into Erica Testa, who'd been defeated in the event's opening round by Judie Wilson and was in the midst of a six-match, loss-side winning streak that would propel her into the semi-finals versus Shea. She downed Kristina Douglas, O'Hanlon, Shoop and Heather Platter to draw Monaco.

Nester didn't fare much better in the 'draw' department, picking up Mocanu, who was also defeated in the event's opening round by Whitman, and was on her own five-match, loss-side streak that began with two straight double hill wins (over Sierra Reams and Carol V. Clark). She went on to defeat Judie Wilson 7-3, Britanya Rapp 7-1, and survived her third, loss-side double hill match (vs. Kia Sidbury) to pick up Nester.


Nester ended Mocanu's streak 7-3, and in the quarter-finals, faced Testa, whose streak continued with a double hill win over Monaco. Testa was gaining momentum. She allowed Nester only a single rack in those quarter-finals, and advanced to meet Shea. Testa put up a fight in those semi-finals, but Shea prevailed 7-5 for a second shot at Whitman in the hot seat.


They played an extended race-to-9, in which, if the loss-side opponent reaches "7" first, the race is extended to 9 games. Shea hit that "7" spot first, went on to win 9-7 and claimed the season opening title.


As representative of the JPNEWT, Shea extended thanks to the ownership and staff at Triple Nines for their hospitality. The next stop on the JPNEWT, scheduled for the weekend of April 30-May 1, will be hosted by Markley Billiards in Norristown, PA.

2016 STOP #2

April 30-May 1

Markley Billiards

Norristown PA


   24 player field


   1st  $450  Karen Corr

   2nd  $340  Nicole Fleming *

   3rd  $210  Jia Li

   4th  $150  Linda Shea

   5th  $100  Kathy Friend

        $100  Meredith Lynch

   7th  $ 55  Colleen Shoop

        $ 55  Erica Testa


   * Nicole Fleming also won the NAPT

     Division 1 Event Qualifier (June 4-5) 

     including a $300 paid entry


l-r: Meredith Lynch, Linda Shea, Kathy Friend, Nicole Fleming, Jia Li, Karen Corr

l-r: Nicole Fleming; room owner, Russ Urffer; Karen Corr

Corr beelines to the hot seat and the win at Markley Billiards

  Nicole King, May 11, 2016


JPNEWT Tour Stop #2 took place the weekend of April 30, 2016 at Markley Billiards in Norristown, PA. If you didn’t show up or tune in via the live stream, then you missed quite the display of talent in the billiards realm. The Irish Invader, Karen Corr, conquered yet another field of tenacious contenders who were striving to reach the mountain top and take first place. This event was an NAPT Pro Event qualifier, meaning the highest placing qualified player will receive a paid entry into the NAPT event to be held the first weekend in June, at Breakers Sky Lounge in Herndon, VA. This tour stop drew 24 entrants and had $800 added by Markley Billiards.


As if there was any doubt, Karen Corr almost effortlessly made a beeline to the hot seat, defeating opponents Carol Clark (7-1), Colleen Shoop (7-4), Linda Shea (7-3), Jia Li (7-2), and Nicole Fleming (7-0).  Fleming, who took second place, had an exceptional performance throughout the tournament and achieved what could quite possibly be a personal best for her since joining the tour.  She first won a match that went hill-hill against Terri Stovall followed by a victory over Erica Testa (7-3).  However, she was sent to the secondary bracket in the following match where Jia Li (who had just defeated Melissa Jenkins [7-1] and Meredith Lynch [7-6]) took the win with a score of 7-4.  This led to Li and Corr battling for the hot seat, yielding a score of 7-2 in Corr’s favor.  

On the one-loss side, Joy McFeaters-Haas holds her own, taking victories over Belinda George and Nicole King, before gracefully bowing out due to a loss to Erica Testa.  Meanwhile, Kathy Friend who was sent to the secondary bracket by Erica Testa, takes a victory over Kathleen Lawless (7-2), and moves on to play Kia Sidbury in a match that went double hill and ended in Friend’s favor.  Sharon O’Hanlon defeats contenders Nicole Nester (7-2) and Melissa Jenkins (7-3) before her unfortunate draw of Colleen Shoop.  Shoop, who was sent to the one-loss side by Karen Corr (7-4), landed in a match with Kathy Friend, who denied her access to continue on to the next round.  Friend attempts to claim her fifth match win in a row when she draws Nicole Fleming, but Fleming opposed all forces and took the win (7-3), officially making her the NAPT qualifier.  Fleming continues on, only to take out her next opponent, tournament director and former touring professional, Linda Shea (7-3).  As a result, Fleming is presented with the opportunity for redemption when matched up with Jia Li once more, and takes advantage of it by winning the match (7-4).  The official final showdown took place between Karen Corr and Nicole Fleming, rendering Karen a winning score of 7-0.  Though Fleming offered excellent efforts to claim the victory, the Irish Invader was bulletproof and maintained exemplary focus in order to claim the title.



The Tour wishes to thank Russ Urffer, room owner of Markley Billiards, for his and his staff’s hospitality and hosting this wonderful event. Also, greatly appreciated is the continued support of the Tour sponsors: J.Pechauer Custom Cues, Coins of the Realm, and Britanya Rapp. 


May 14-15

First Break Cafe

Sterling, VA


   23 player field


   1st  $750  Janet Atwell

   2nd  $400  Linda Shea

   3rd  $320  Briana Miller

   4th  $150  Dawn Fox

   5th  $100  Meredith Lynch

        $100  Sierra Reams

   7th  $ 50  Judie Wilson

        $ 50  Kia Sidbury


   * Sierra Reams also won the NAPT Division 1 Event Qualifier (June 4-5) including a $300 paid entry.


l-r: Janet Atwell (Tour Stop #3 winner), Linda Shea (JPNEWT Tour Director

l-r: Linda Shea, Sierra Reams (NAPT event Qualifier)

Atwell signs on and wins on the J. Pechauer Northeast Women's Tour !

   Skip Maloney, AZBilliards, May 18, 2016


In the absence of Karen Corr on the weekend of May 14-15, competitors on the J. Pechauer Northeast Women's Tour (JPNEWT) might have been forgiven for thinking that a window of opportunity had opened, which any one of them might have taken advantage of. Only in that absence, Janet Atwell traveled from her pool room - Borderline Billiards in Bristol, TN - to Sterling, VA and signed on to the $1,000-added ($500 from Coins of the Realm) event that drew 23 entrants to First Break Cafe. Though sent to the semifinals by Tour Director Linda Shea in the battle for the hot seat, Atwell returned and defeated Shea in the finals to claim the event title; her first on the JPNEWT.


Atwell's journey to the winners' circle of this third stop on the JPNEWT was not without its challenges. Following an opening round victory over Terry Thomas 7-1, Buffy Jolie gave her all she could handle in a double hill fight that did eventually advance Atwell to a meeting and victory over Dawn Fox 7-4. This set Atwell up in a winners' side semifinal versus Brianna Miller. Shea, in the meantime, had chalked up two shutouts, and a second round, 7-5 win over Kia Sidbury to face Meredith Lynch in the other winners' side semifinal.  

Atwell and Shea defeated Miller and Lynch, respectively, both 7-2, and squared off in the hot seat match. Shea won it, double hill and waited in the hot seat for Atwell's return.


Miller moved over and picked up Sierra Reams, who'd eliminated Terry Stovall 7-4 and Judie Wilson 7-5. Lynch drew Dawn Fox, who, following her defeat at the hands of Atwell, had defeated Carol Clark and Kia Sidbury, both 7-4.


Miller defeated Sierra Reams 7-1. Reams would end up earning this event's qualification to the NAPT event, to be held the first week in June. Miller was joined in the quarterfinal match by Fox, who'd defeated Lynch 7-4.


Miller downed Fox 7-3, and then, by the same score, was eliminated by Atwell in the semifinals. Atwell turned to face Shea in a re-match. Atwell won it 9-5 to claim her first JPNEWT title.


June 11-12

Triple Nines Bar & Billiards

Elkridge MD


   23 player field


   1st  $750  Karen Corr

   2nd  $400  Sueyen Rhee

   3rd  $300  Kia Sidbury

   4th  $140  Linda Shea

   5th  $100  Meredith Lynch

        $100  Sharon O'Hanlon

   7th  $ 65  Melissa Jenkins

        $ 65  Nicole Fleming


l-r: Karen Corr, Melissa Jenkins, Meredith Lynch, Kia Sidbury, Sharon O'Hanlon, Sueyen Rhee, Linda Shea, (not pictured: Nicole Fleming)

l-r: 999s owner, Stan Nasiatka; event winner, Karen Corr; JPNEWT Tour Director, Linda Shea 

Karen Corr Turns Heads Again as She Enters and Wins Yet Another JPNEWT Tour Stop!

  Teri Thomas, June 15, 2016

Once again, heads turned as Karen Corr showed up for the fourth tour stop of the J.Pechauer NorthEast Women's Tour (JPNEWT). Triple Nines was the setting with the owner, Stan Nasiatka, allowing the ladies to virtually take over his room for more than twelve hours on Saturday, June 11th, and most of the day Sunday, June 12th. Twenty three players entered to test their skills, in the $1,000 added event ($500 from Coins of the Realm, and $500 from Triple Nines).


It was luck of the draw that newcomer Dina DiGregorio, playing only her second event, was paired up against Karen Corr for their first match. Losing to Corr, Dina took it in stride, and eked out a hill/hill victory over her next opponent, Kathy Friend, on the B-side, only to lose to Teri Thomas, after a long and arduous safety battle.

Karen blasted through the field, and gave up only five racks in her first three matches--Dina (7-0), Judie Wilson (7-2), and Sueyen Rhee (7-3); until she was paired up with tour director Linda Shea, who managed five racks of her own, before she too was sent to the B-side.

On the other half of the A bracket, Kia Sidbury was soundly defeating all comers, including Gina Hartman (7-3), Brit Rapp (7-2), and Nicole Fleming (7-4), when she got stalled in a hill/hill match with Sharon O'Hanlon. Kia squeaked out a win against Sharon, to face Karen on Sunday, where she scored one game, before Karen took the hot seat.

Meanwhile, Sueyen Rhee, having been defeated by Karen in the third round, narrowly defeated Heather Platter in a hill/hill match, and continued her climb back in the next four matches, with wins against Melissa Jenkins (7-2), Sharon O'Hanlon (7-2), Linda Shea (7-4), and Kia Sidbury (7-4), to face Karen Corr in the finals.

Linda Shea got three respectable wins, and Sharon O'Hanlon racked up two wins, before facing Sueyen Rhee on the B-side. Sharon succumbed to Sueyen first (7-2), and neither Linda, nor Kia Sidbury, were able to shake Sueyen out of her bid to face Karen again, both scoring four games each against her. 

Not unsuprisingly, Karen dominated with a 7-3 victory over Sueyen, going undefeated again. As many of the ladies of JPNEWT will tell you, you always learn from playing Karen Corr, and all are hoping to learn enough to beat her. 

Thanks to Stan Nasiatka and Triple Nines Bar & Billiards for hosting this event! Thanks to all of our tour sponsors: J.Pechauer Custom Cues, Coins of the Realm, Britanya Rapp, and Ozone Billiards! Thanks to our qualifier spot sponsors: Markley Billiards, Baltimore City Cues, and Sueyen Rhee & Associates Real Estate, and cue ball sponsor Pauline Mattes!


June 25-26

Champion Billiards Sports Bar

Frederick MD


   32 player field


   1st  $900  Karen Corr

   2nd  $550  Briana Miller

   3rd  $400  Janet Atwell

   4th  $200  Meredith Lynch

   5th  $145  Christy Norris   *

        $145  Judie Wilson

   7th  $100  Dawn Fox

        $100  Eugenia Gyftopoulos

   9th  $ 60  Kathy Friend

        $ 60  Kia Sidbury

        $ 60  Kim Whitman

        $ 60  Sueyen Rhee

* Chrisy Norris also won the NAPT Division 1 Event Qualifier (August 18-21)


l-r: Janet Atwell, Briana Miller, Christy Norris, Judie Wilson, Karen Corr, Meredith Lynch, Eugenia Gyftopoulos, Dawn Fox

l-r: Karen Corr (1st), Gary Allen (Champion's owner), Janet Atwell (3rd), Briana Miller (2nd)

Corr defeats Miller in finals, after Miller's eight win comeback on the one-loss side!

  Teri Thomas, June 30, 2016

On the beautiful June weekend of the 25-26th, the back room of Champions in Frederick was full of 32 hopefuls for the 5th annual tour stop of the J.Pechauer North East Women's Tour. As always, the easiest way to the top is through the A side (as Karen Corr showed), with 6 straight wins: Nicole King 7-1, Sueyen Rhee 7-2, Christy Norris 7-4, Judie Wilson 7-1, Janet Atwell 7-3, and Briana Miller 7-4. But, perhaps more satisfying, is battling your way back from the one-loss side, as Briana Miller found out, with 10 total matches (4 more than anyone else).

The long haul started when Briana Miller lost to Meredith Lynch 7-3, at the first draw. Briana fought back through Sharon O’Hanlon 7-4, Nicole Fleming 7-3, Linda Shea 7-3, Kia Sidbury 7-3, Dawn Fox 7-5, and Judie Wilson 7-1; to face Meredith again, and beat her by the same score. After defeating previous tour stop winner Janet Atwell 7-3, Briana faced Karen Corr in the finals, chalking up respectable four game wins, before Corr took her third JPNEWT victory this year.

Also on a winning streak was Janet Atwell, climbing with wins over Sandy Raber 7-4, Eugenia Gyftopoulos 7-1, Kia Sidbury 7-1, and Meredith Lynch 7-4. After Meredith had knocked back Briana Miller in the first round, she faced down Nicole Nester 7-5 and Dawn Fox 7-2. Then Janet Atwell sent Lynch to face the B-side, by winning 7-4; where Christy Norris gave Lynch a hill-hill battle, before Lynch's grudge match against Briana Miller.


July 30-31

RAXX Pool Room, Sports Bar & Grill

W.Hempstead NY


   12 player field


   1st  $500  Nicole Albergaria *

   2nd  $350  Sharon O'Hanlon

   3rd  $225  Linda Shea

   4th  $150  Kia Sidbury

* Nicole Albergaria also won the NAPT

 Division 1 Event Qualifier (August 18-21).

l-r: Kia Sidbury, Nicole Albergaria, Linda Shea, Sharon O'Hanlon

Albergaria takes two against O'Hanlon to go undefeated!

   Skip Mahoney, AZBilliards, August 5, 2016

National and local competitions had a decided impact on the field of players in attendance for the sixth stop on the J. Pechauer Northeast Women's Tour, held on the weekend of July 30-31. The BCA Pool League Championships, which had just wrapped up in Las Vegas as the event began, combined with a few tournaments in the tri-state New York area, led to a field of 12 in the $750-added JPNEWT event, hosted by Raxx Billiards in West Hempstead, NY. The event was won by Nicole Albergaria, who went undefeated, facing Sharon O'Hanlon in both the hot seat match and finals.


It took five matches for Albergaria to claim the title; two double hill wins, a shutout and in the end, two 7-2 victories. Gail Robles was Albergaria's first double hill victim, which Albergaria followed with a shutout over Elaine Wilson. This set her up to face tour director Linda Shea in a winners' side semifinal, as O'Hanlon, winner over Karen Brooks and Nicole King, faced Melissa Jenkins in the other one. Albergaria downed Shea, double hill, while O'Hanlon sent Jenkins to the loss side 7-4. Albergaria chalked up the first of two 7-2 wins, claiming the hot seat over O'Hanlon.

On the loss side, Jenkins picked up Kia Sidbury, who entered the tournament in the tour's third ranking spot behind Karen Corr and Shea.

Sent to the loss side by Shea in her opening round (after a bye), Sidbury gave up three racks over two matches, against 1) Karen Brooks and 2) Carol Clark, to face Jenkins. Shea drew Gail Robles, who, after her defeat at the hands of Albergaria on the winners' side, bested Suzette Santos-Wade 7-2, and Judie Wilson 7-4.

The #2 and #3-ranked players on the tour (Shea and Sidbury) advanced to the quarterfinals; Shea, 7-3 over Robles and Sidbury 7-5 over Jenkins. Shea defeated Sidbury 7-4 to face O'Hanlon in the semifinals. O'Hanlon thwarted Shea's shot at a re-match against Albergaria with a double hill win in that semifinal match. 


Having entered the tournament in the eleventh ranking spot, O'Hanlon's presence in the finals, win or lose, assured her elevation to the fourth spot on the tour rankings, behind Sidbury. Albergaria duplicated her hot seat effort against O'Hanlon in the finals (7-2) to claim the event title. In addition to her cash prize, Albergaria was awarded qualification to an upcoming North American Pool Tour (NAPT) event.


Stop #7 on the JPNEWT, a $500-added event, scheduled for this coming weekend (Aug. 6-7), will be hosted by Level-2 Billiards in Somerdale, NJ, a new venue for the JPNEWT.


August 6-7

Level 2 Billiards

Somerdale NJ


   19 player field


   1st  $450  Jia Li

   2nd  $300  Briana Miller

   3rd  $200  Linda Shea

   4th  $130  Meredith Lynch

   5/6  $ 90  Boye Lu

   5/6  $ 90  Jenn Keeney

l-r: Briana Miller, Linda Shea, Meredith Lynch, Jenn Keeney, Jia Li, Boye Lu

Jia Li goes undefeated at Level 2 Billiards

~ by Teri Thomas, July 2, 2016



  Skip Maloney, AZBilliards, August 8, 2016

In only her second appearance on the 2016 J. Pechauer Northeast Women's Tour, Jia Li jumped from 28th place in the tour rankings to a spot among the top 10. She did this with an undefeated run on the tour's seventh stop on the weekend of August 6-7. The $500-added event drew 19 entrants to a new venue on the tour - Level 2 Billiards, in Somerdale, NJ.


Two wins, including a 7-1 victory over tour director Linda Shea, who leads the tour's ranking list, put Li into a winners' side semifinal against Jenn Keeney. Three wins put Briana Miller in the other winners' side semifinal versus Boye Lu. Li downed Keeney 7-2 and in the hot seat match, faced Miller, who'd sent Lu to the loss side 7-1. Li took the first of two against Miller 7-4 and waited on her return.

On the loss side, Keeney picked up Meredith Lynch, who'd been sent to the loss side by Miller, survived a double hill match versus Elaine Wilson, and defeated Emily Herpel 7-3. Lu drew Shea, who, following her defeat at the hands of Li, downed Nicole Monaco 7-4 and Nicole Fleming 7-1.

Shea and Lu locked up in a double hill fight that eventually sent Shea to the quarterfinals. She was joined by Lynch, who'd ended Keeney's weekend 7-2. Shea took the quarterfinal match 7-4 over Lynch, who moved up a spot or two in the rankings behind Shea, Karen Corr and Kia Sidbury


Shea now faced Miller in the semifinals. Miller, last seen on the tour playing runner-up to Karen Corr in June, thwarted Shea's attempt for a re-match against Li with a 7-5 win. Li, looking for her first 2016 JPNEWT event title (she'd placed third in a stop back in May), ended any thoughts Miller had about winning her first 2016 JPNEWT stop. They fought to double hill before Li finished to claim the title.


August 27-28

Classic Billiards

Phoenixville PA


   20 player field


   1st  $410  Joy McFeaters

   2nd  $300  Alex Calabrese

   3rd  $200  Linda Shea

   4th  $130  Colleen Shoop

   5/6  $ 80  Kathleen Lawless

   5/6  $ 80  Nicole King

   7/8  $ 50  Judie Wilson

   7/8  $ 50  Sharon O'Hanlon

l-r: Linda Shea, Kathleen Lawless, Colleen Shoop, Judie Wilson, Alex Calabrese, Nicole King, Joy McFeaters, Sharon O'Hanlon

l-r: Jim Lawless (Classic Billiards owner), Linda Shea, Sharon O'Hanlon, Joy McFeaters, Kathy Friend, Colleen Shoop, Judie Wilson, Lisa Soli, Denise Reeve, Melissa Jenkins, Jenn Keeney, Carol V Clark, Anita Sowers, Nicole King, Elaine Wilson, Boye Lu, Kia Sidbury, Sandy Raber, Alex Calabrese, Kathleen Lawless, Edna ?, not pictured: Grace Trump

McFeaters wins Stop # 8, her first, on the JPNEWT

~ by Teri Thomas, July 2, 2016



~by Skip Maloney, AZBilliards Staff

   September 3, 2016

There were some new names among the top finishers at the J. Pechauer Northeast Women's Tour, Stop # 8, on the weekend of August 27-28. While these new names jumped up on the tour's ranking list, they didn't disturb the tour's top three (Linda Shea, Karen Corr and Kia Sidbury), nor did they, themselves, break into the Top 10. They (winner, Joy McFeaters and runner-up Alexandra Calabrese), in consort with a host of other competitors, did, however, cause a little shakeup in the rankings that saw Janet Atwell and Jia Li drop out of the Top 10 (each has only competed twice this year). The $500-added event drew 20 entrants to Classic Billiards in Phoenixville, PA.


It was Joy McFeaters first win on the tour, in only her second appearance this year (she finished in the tie for ninth back in late April, and had finished third behind Corr and Shea in April 2015). Runner-up Alexandra Calabrese was making her first appearance of the year, though not her first on the tour (she played in all of the tour's events in 2013, and finished in 12th place on the tour rankings). The draw helped McFeaters in that, until the semifinals, she never had to face a tour opponent ranked higher than 18. Calabrese, on the other hand, to get to the hot seat, had to get by two of the tour's top 10 players; Judie Wilson, who entered the tournament at #8, and Kia Sidbury, the tour's #3 player.

McFeaters and Calabrese met twice in this one; hot seat and finals. Following an opening round bye, McFeaters defeated Sandy Raber and Carol Clark, to draw Kathleen Lawless in a winners' side semifinal. Calabrese, recipient of a bye as well, defeated Judie Wilson and Kia Sidbury to get Colleen Shoop in the other winners' side semifinal. McFeaters downed Lawless 7-4, as Calabrese was sending Shoop to the loss side 7-2. In their first of two, Calabrese defeated McFeaters 7-4, to claim her first hot seat.

On the loss side, Lawless picked up Linda Shea, who, after being sent to the loss side by Shoop, defeated Jen Keeney 7-4 and Sharon O'Hanlon 7-5, to draw Lawless. Shoop drew Nicole King, who'd shut out Carol Clark and defeated Judie Wilson 7-5 to reach her.


Shea and Shoop advanced for a re-match; Shoop downing King 7-2, Shea defeating Lawless 7-3. Shea exacted her revenge on Shoop in the quarterfinals, defeating her 7-3, and then locked up in a tense, double hill fight against McFeaters. McFeaters was playing in her first semifinal, and in the absence of a gender equivalency, was playing David to the tour's top-ranked Goliath. The 9-ball in game 13 took the place of David's rock, and McFeaters advanced for a second shot against Calabrese.


In the modified race to 9, McFeaters had to win seven to trigger an extension to nine games. She did so, and completed her first win on the JPNEWT with a 9-5 win over Calabrese. They both advanced from ranking obscurity to a spot among the tour's Top 20 competitors.


September 17-18

Top Hat Sports Bar & Grill

Parkville MD


   22 player field


   1st  $750  Jia Li

   2nd  $400  Linda Shea

   3rd  $300  Tina Malm

   4th  $135  Kim Whitman

   5/6  $ 90  Jenn Keeney

   5/6  $ 90  Sharon O'Hanlon

   7/8  $ 60  Heather Platter

   7/8  $ 60  Judie Wilson

l-r: Jenn Keeney, Jia Li, Judie Wilson, Heather Platter, Kim Whitman, Tina Malm, Linda Shea, Sharon O'Hanlon

Jia Li takes a long, loss-side trip to win her second stop on the JPNEWT

   Skip Maloney, AZBilliards Staff

    September 3, 2016

On the weekend of September 17-18, at the ninth stop on the J. Pechauer Northeast Women's Tour, Jia Li lost her opening match and embarked on a seven-match, loss-side run that put her in the finals against the tour's #1-ranked player; its tour director, Linda Shea. Li defeated Shea twice to claim the event title and chalk up her second victory on the tour. The $1,000-added event ($500 from Coins of the Realm) drew 22 entrants to the Top Hat Cue Club in Parkville, MD.


It was Kim Whitman, who came into the tournament with only three tour stops to her credit and ranked at #17 on the tour, who downed Jia Li in the opening round 7-5. Whitman would advance to a winners' side semifinal against Shea, while Sharon O'Hanlon and Tina Malm would face off in the other one. Shea and Whitman battled to double hill before Shea advanced to the hot seat match. She was met by Malm, who'd allowed O'Hanlon only a single rack. Shea claimed the hot seat 7-4 over Malm, and waited for Li to finish her loss-side run.

On the loss side, Whitman drew Jenn Keeney, who, like Li, had lost in the opening round (to Kathy Friend), and was in the midst of a four-match, loss-side streak that was about to end. She'd shut out Karen Myers and eliminated Judie Wilson 7-2 to reach Whitman. O'Hanlon picked up Li, four matches into her loss-side streak, the most recent of which had eliminated Tina Marinelli 7-1, and Heather Platter 7-4.


Whitman squeaked by Keeney, double hill, and in the quarterfinals, matched up against Li, who'd downed O'Hanlon 7-2. Li won the re-match against Whitman and the semifinals versus Malm by the same 7-2 score, and moved into the double elimination final against Shea.


Li took the final match 9-5 to claim the event title.  In so doing, she climbed a few rungs on the tour ladder, ending up in fifth place behind Shea, Karen CorrKia Sidbury (who finished in the tie for 13th) and Sharon O'Hanlon (5th). The next stop on the JPNEWT, scheduled for the weekend of October 1-2, will be a $1,000-added event, hosted by First Break Cafe, in Sterling, VA.


October 1-2

First Break Cafe

Sterling VA


   15 player field


   1st  $700  Meredith Lynch

   2nd  $360  Tina Malm

   3rd  $275  Kathy Friend

   4th  $115  Elaine Wilson

   5/6  $ 75  Judie Wilson

   5/6  $ 75  Nicole King

l-r: Kathy Friend, Tina Malm, Meredith Lynch, Elaine Wilson, Judie Wilson, Nicole King

Meredith Lynch Shines Bright on Her First JPNEWT Tour Stop win!

  by Teri Thomas, October 6, 2016


On the first day of October, fifteen stalwart players braved the rain and fog, to make it to First Break in Sterling, Virginia, for the 10th event of the J. Pechauer North East Woman’s Tour (JPNEWT) 2016 season. Coins of the Realm added $300 for first place, and $100 each for second and third, to bring the entire event to an added $1000. Just to make it more fun, the ladies voted to extend the race to nine on the A-side, maintaining a race to seven on the B-side.

The lights slicing through the dreary day came from newcomer Tina Malm, and familiar fan favorite Meredith Lynch, both winning through their opponents until coming face to face in the semi-finals. Meredith was on a straight win hot streak, and although no one pushed her to the hill, none of her opponents gave away their race. Meredith won over Nicole Fleming 9-7, Terri Stovall 9-5, Kathy Friend 9-7, and Tina Malm 9-6 and 9-7; leading Meredith to her first JPNEWT win.


Kathy Friend had some luck on her side when she took out tour director Linda Shea on the A-side 9-5, but couldn’t find a way to stop Meredith Lynch’s race to the top.  Elaine Wilson fought through her first two opponents, only to be defeated by Tina Malm, on Tina’s way to the semi-finals. Kathy was back on fire when she beat Elaine Wilson 7-1, but was finally put out by Tina, as she was on her way back to Meredith.

Malm climbed through Judie Wilson 9-5, Heather Platter 9-1, and Elaine Wilson 9-7, to face Meredith in the semi-finals.  After being sent to the B-side, Malm faced Kathy Friend (both ladies vying for the grudge match against Meredith). Kathy managed a respectable four games, but after placing third at the last event, Tina showed her drive to place higher this time.

In the finals, Tina took an early lead, but Meredith never let her get more than two games ahead. At game #8, with Tina leading 5-3, Meredith executed a safety, hiding the nine behind the three. Tina made a clean hit on the three ball, but the nine rolled into the jaws of the side pocket. Meredith shot the three in the corner, and then, taking her time on the next shot, stroked a great carom off the five ball into the nine, to make the score 5-4. The players took a break, but Tina only managed one more game, before Meredith’s momentum surged with a five game winning streak, to a 9-5 win over Malm.

Thanks go out to all of the tour sponsors, J.Pechuaer Custom Cues, Coins of the Realm, and Britanya Rapp, and we will be seeing many of the ladies back to pit their skills, in the next event on October 15-16, at Markley Billiards, in Norristown PA.


October 15-16, 2016

Markley Billiards

Norristown PA


   16 player field


   1st  $400  Dawn Fox

   2nd  $275  Linda Shea

   3rd  $180  Kathy Friend

   4th  $125  Joy McFeaters

   5/6  $ 80  Christina Madrigale

   5/6  $ 80  Kia Sidbury

l-r: Joy McFeaters, Kia Sidbury, Christina Madrigale, Kathy Friend, Dawn Fox, Linda Shea

l-r: Katie Derosato, Sharon O'Hanlon, Colleen Shoop, Joy McFeaters, room owner Russ Urffer, Melissa Jenkins, Elaine Wilson, Kia Sidbury, Kathy Friend, Kathleen Lawless, Lisa Soli, Christina Madrigale (back), Judie Wilson (front), Dawn Fox (front), Suzanne Sellet (back), Linda Shea.  Nicole King (not pictured)

Fox Wins Her Second JPNEWT Stop, Downing Shea in the Finals

   by Skip Maloney, AZBilliards, October 17, 2016

Over the past five years, Dawn Fox has finished among the J.Pechauer Northeast Women's Tour's top 25 players, without winning a stop on the tour. Her only win on the tour came in April, 2007, at a BCA Qualifier in South Amboy, NJ. Last year, she finished 12th in tour rankings, on the basis of seven appearances. Her best finish came in 2013, when, on the basis of six appearances (finishing second, twice), she finished third in the tour rankings. On the weekend of October 15-16, she signed on to the 11th stop on the 2016 JPNEWT. On the basis of three appearances this year, she was 25th in the tour rankings when the tournament began. Though tour director and rankings leader, Linda Shea, would defeat her in the battle for the hot seat, Fox came back from the semi-finals to defeat Shea, win only her second JPNEWT event, and advance well above the 25th slot she'd been in when the tournament started. The $500 added event drew a field of 16 entrants to Markley's Billiards in Norristown, PA.


Fox's path to the hot seat went through Joy McFeaters 7-4, and Kathy Friend 7-5 before coming up against Christina Madrigale in a winners' side semifinal. Shea, in the meantime, had downed Katie Derosato 7-2, and Colleen Shoop in a shutout, to face Kia Sidbury,  who came  into the  tournament  as

the tour's fifth-ranked player. Two completely different kinds of matches led to the hot seat. As Fox was busy shutting out Madrigale, Shea and Sidbury locked up in a double hill fight that eventually sent Shea to meet Fox. Shea claimed the hot seat 7-5 and waited on Fox's return.

On the loss side, Madrigale picked up McFeaters, who, following her earlier loss to Fox, had won three straight double hill matches against Melissa JenkinsColleen Shoop, and Sharon O'Hanlon. Sidbury drew Friend, who'd defeated Lisa Soli 7-1 and Judie Wilson 7-3 to reach her. McFeaters downed Madrigale 7-4, and in the quarterfinals, faced Friend, who'd eliminated Sidbury in a double hill match.


McFeaters' four match, loss-side streak came to an end in the quarter-finals, as Friend defeated her 7-2. Fox, though, ended Friend's four-match, loss-side run 7-3 in the semifinals. Fox completed her first victory on the JPNEWT since 2007 with a 9-5 win over Shea in the finals.


October 22-23, 2016

Eagle Billiards

Dickson City PA


   20 player field


   1st  $600  Nicole Albergaria

   2nd  $430  Emily Duddy

   3rd  $275  Dawn Fox

   4th  $185  Linda Shea

   5/6  $120  Borana Andoni

        $120  Kia Sidbury

   7/8  $ 80  Jenn Keeney

        $ 80  Kathleen Lawless

l-r: Nicole Albergaria, room owner Chris Wilson, Dawn Fox, Emily Duddy

l-r: Borana Andoni, Kia Sidbury, Linda Shea, Jenn Keeney,

room owner Chris Wilson, Kathleen Lawless, Nicole Albergaria, Emily Duddy, and Dawn Fox

Albergaria Chalks Up Second Win in 2016 on the JPNEWT! 

  ~ Skip Maloney, AZBilliards, October 25,2016

Nicole Albergaria has won both stops on the 2016 J. Pechauer Northeast Women's Tour (JPNEWT) in which she has appeared. She went undefeated to win the tour's sixth stop back in July at Raxx Billiards in West Hempstead, NY and on the weekend of October 22-23, she won five on the loss side to meet and defeat hot seat occupant Emily Duddy in the finals of the tour's most recent stop. The $1,100-added event (which included a donation by Billy Bunn, made in memory of Florence Fuller), drew 20 entrants to a newly re-opened venue for the JPNEWT - Eagle Billiards in Dickson City, PA.


The recipient of an opening round bye, Albergaria advanced to a double hill struggle she eventually won against Jenn Keeney, and then fell 7-4 to tour director, Linda Shea, who entered and finished the tournament as the tour's top-ranked competitor. Duddy, in the meantime, appearing in her first stop on the 2016 tour, got by some heavy hitters, like Kia Sidbury (#3 on the tour) and Borana Andoni, who, though making her first appearance on the 2016 JPNEWT, stepped to the table with an established reputation (10th on the tour in 2015, which included a victory in the season finale last year). Duddy downed them both and her 7-5 win over Andoni put her into the hot seat match against Dawn Fox (winner of the last JPNEWT stop), who'd sent Shea to the loss side 7-5 in the other winners' side semifinal. Duddy claimed the hot seat 7-5 over Fox and waited on Albergaria's return.

Albergaria started her loss-side campaign with a bang, shutting out Suzanne Sellet. She then downed Kathleen Lawless 7-3 to draw Andoni. Shea picked up Kidbury, who, following her defeat at the hands of Duddy, got by Melissa Jenkins 7-3 and Jenn Keeney 7-1.

Albergaria defeated Andoni 7-5, and was joined in the quarterfinal match by Shea, who'd eliminated Sidbury 7-1. The rematch went Albergaria's way 7-3, and by the same score, she eliminated Fox in the semifinals.

The modified race-to-9 format of the finals required Albergaria to reach seven games ahead of Duddy in the hot seat to extend the match to nine games. Early on, it didn't look as though that was going to happen, as Duddy took a moderately significant 4-0 lead right out of the gate. Albergaria, though, responded by first, making a very good bank shot on the 9-ball to win game five, and then winning six more to reach her 'seven' goal and the hill. 


But it wasn't over yet. Duddy rallied to pull within one at 8-7. In rack #16, Duddy was at the table, shooting at the 6-ball; looking down table at it, where it rested closer to the lower right corner than it was to the lower left. Intervening balls, however, precluded a shot into the lower right corner, and she opted for the deep, right-side cut to put it in the lower left. The 6-ball dropped quickly, but the cue ball, moving to the lower right corner, did a double hit off two rails, angled up to the long rail, then bounced off the short rail and with speed to spare, dropped into the side pocket. Albergaria picked up the cue ball, connected the dots, and sunk the remaining three balls to claim the event title.


Regardless of the outcome of the tour's season finale, scheduled for November 12-13 at Triple Nines Bar & Billiards in Elkridge, MD, the 2016 top competitor award will go to tour director Linda Shea, who has appeared in all 12 stops on the tour, to date. She won the season opener, back in March and has won 70% of her matches, finishing, on average, in fourth place.


Tour representatives had high praise for the tour's new venue, Eagle Billiards. Newly renovated, it features 10 Brunswick, two bar box and three Diamond tables. Tour director Linda Shea thanked owner Chris Wilson for his hospitality, while players articulated their anticipation of a return to the venue in the season to come.


November 12-13, 2016

Triple Nines Bar & Billiards

Elkridge MD


   20 player field


   1st  $700  Linda Shea

   2nd  $400  Kathy Friend

   3rd  $290  Eugenia Gyftopolous

   4th  $130  Meredith Lynch

   5/6  $ 85  Jenn Keeney

        $ 85  Kia Sidbury

   7/8  $ 55  Sharon O'Hanlon

        $ 55  Melissa Jenkins

l-r: Kathy Friend; Triple Nines owner, Stan Nasiatka; Linda Shea

l-r: Kia Sidbury, Melissa Jenkins, Sharon O'Hanlon, Linda Shea, Eugenia Gyftopoulos, Meredith Lynch, Kathy Friend, Jenn Keeney

Shea Stops Strong, Loss-Side Bid by Friend to go Undefeated in JPNEWT Finale

~ by Skip Maloney, AZBilliards, 

     November 14, 2016

As the two finalists squared off in the finals of the last stop on the 2016 J. Pechauer Northeast Women's Tour on the weekend of Nov. 12-13, it was a question of whether it was going to be a Cinderella story or the expected finish. It turned out to be the expected finish, as tour director Linda Shea completed an undefeated run with a finals victory over Kathy Friend, who'd been defeated in the event's opening round and chalked up six wins on the loss side for the right to face Shea in the finals. It was Shea's second victory on this year's tour. She had won the first event at the same location back in March. This $1,000-added event ($500 from Coins of the Realm) drew 20 entrants to Triple Nines in Elkridge, MD.

Following an opening round bye, Shea defeated Tina Malm 7-4, and just did survive a double-hill battle versus Dawn Fox to advance to a winners' side semifinal against the tour's #2-ranked player, Kia Sidbury. The other winners' side semifinal featured Jenn Keeney and Eugenia Gyftopoulos. Shea shut Sidbury out and in the hot seat match, faced Gyftopoulos, who was making only her fifth appearance on the 2016 tour, and had defeated Keeney 7-3. A double hill fight ensued, won by Shea, who waited in the hot seat for Friend to complete her loss-side run.

On the loss side, Friend, after her opening round, double hill loss to Meredith Lynch, had opened what would turn into a six-match winning streak against Nicole Fleming, who almost ended Friend's weekend on a two-and-out note. Friend hung on, though, to defeat Fleming, double hill, and advance through Teri Thomas 7-4, and Melissa Jenkins 7-3 to pick up Keeney. Sidbury drew Lynch, who'd ousted Elaine Wilson 7-4 and Sharon O'Hanlon 7-2 to reach her.

Friend and Lynch advanced to the quarterfinals for a re-match; Friend, 7-5 over Keeney and Lynch, 7-3 over Sidbury. Friend took the quarterfinal re-match against Lynch 7-2, and then, in her second, loss-side double hill match, downed Gyftopoulos in the semifinals.


Going into the finals, Friend was in pursuit of her third win on the tour in 10 years. She'd won an event back in June of 2006, and most recently, had chalked up her second tour victory in October of 2015. The finals came within a game of being Friend's fourth double hill match. Shea, though, pulled out in front and ended it at 7-5 to claim the event title and finish the 2016 JPNEWT season atop its ranking board. Sidbury was comfortably in second place in those rankings, while Sharon O'Hanlon, finishing in the tie for 7th at this most recent event, retained her third place spot in the tour rankings. By virtue of her runner-up finish at this event, Friend moved into the fourth slot in the rankings, previously held by Lynch, who slipped into fifth place.


The top finishers on this year's tour (the number of them had yet to be determined) will qualify for the North American Pool Tour's Division II Championships, to be held at a to-be-determined date in February of 2017.

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