JPNEWT is a Semi-Pro Tour -- some matches are live-streamed and photos are taken for posting on the JPNEWT website and sites such as AZBilliards.  Therefore, players are expected to adhere to the following dress code:

Sunday is dress code B: dress slacks - NO JEANS!, nice top (business casual).

Saturday  and Sunday:


  • No worn or tattered clothes.

  • No shorts or t-shirts (capri pants are allowed).  Shirts should not have writing, words, or phrases except sponsor names or logos

  • Jeans and tennis shoes are allowed on Saturday only, as long as they are like new (crisp and clean, no tears or rips).​  Dark colored tennis shoes are preferred with dark laces.

  • Open-toed sandals or shoes may be worn, but they should be "dressy" and not make noise.  Thong sandals or flip-flops are not allowed.

  • No low cut tops, tank tops, or crop tops--appropriate support/coverage should be worn.

  • No leggings or tights worn as pants.  They can be worn with a top that completely covers the backside.