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JPNEWT Tournament Players are representing the JPNEWT tour, JPNEWT sponsors, and the tournament host room.  Therefore, they should behave accordingly to honor the JPNEWT tour, fellow players, venues, sponsors, and the sport of billiards.  All JPNEWT players will be responsible for adhering to the following rules and regulations, and any other regulations mandated by the JPNEWT tour director, on-site tournament officials, and hosts.


JPNEWT tour players must not make or cause to be made any statements (whether verbal or in writing) or take or cause others to take action which may, in the opinion of the Tour Director, bring that member, the Tour, or its agents, or the sport of billiards into disrepute. Player members shall not address criticism of fellow players, tournament personnel, equipment, or facilities to fellow members, the press, or any others.  All such complaints should be submitted in writing to the tour director.

Behaviors requiring immediate disciplinary action include, but are not limited to:
• Unsportsmanlike conduct.
• Abusive or profane language.
• Intentional sharking.
• Public disagreements.
• Non-compliance with dress codes.
Rudeness to tournament officials, other players, sponsors, spectators, or promoters.

** Please drink responsibly. 


Disciplinary Actions

For any of the above infractions, the JPNEWT Tournament Director may opt to award the game and or match to the opponent of the person committing the infraction.  At the tour/ tournament director's discretion, an offending player may be banned from finishing that event, playing in the following event, from playing JPNEWT events for  the remainder of the year, or banned permanently from JPNEWT. 

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